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Fwd: Jul. 02 - Cheapest solar ever for Austin Energy; What happened when NRG disrupted itself

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Top News

Austin Energy gets record low solar bids at under 4 cents/kWh

Solar bids are getting cheaper so quickly that the utility is asking its oversight arm to slow down approvals so it can get the best deal possible.

What happened when NRG Energy disrupted its own business model

The country's biggest independent power producer is going retail with rooftop solar, EV chargers, and connected consumer products.

SEPA staff go up on the roof: Solar transformation in East Baltimore

SEPA staff recently helped GRID Alternatives install solar on two homes in a low-income area in Baltimore and heard compelling stories about solar's power to change lives.
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How America's largest power company plans to become a leading renewables developer

As Duke Energy's renewables business grows, it presents unique challenges in balancing the interests of its utilities with those of its unregulated subsidiaries. 

Grid Edge Live 2015: The trends behind the explosion in distributed resources

Billions will go to DERs in the next three years, driven by changing policies and new utility opportunities.

Georgia Power unveils rooftop solar installation offering

The utility will not yet offer leasing or loan financing and the solar arrays "will not be rate based assets," an executive told Utility Dive.

Maine lawmakers override Gov. LePage's veto of value of solar bill

Huge bipartisan majorities send "Ratepayer Focused Strategy" for solar to state regulators, while LePage looks increasingly weak.

HECO files with regulators to cut solar net metering rates in half

HECO also wants to up the minimum monthly bill to cover a cost shift it says costs $53 million per year.

Despite declaring energy sales illegal, Duke will connect solar array owned by third party

Energy advocates and the regulated utility are on a collision course over rules restricting the sale of energy by third parties.

Minn. PUC approves Xcel-solar industry deal on community shared solar

State regulators limit co-located projects to 5 MW while Xcel promises to speed approvals.

Study: More than half of large US businesses generate power on site

Businesses are increasingly focused on keeping down energy costs, and a growing number are generating some portion of their own electricity needs.

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New SEPA white papers

SEPA has posted two white papers about its 51st State Initiative -- a summary of the papers it received and a recap of the recent 51st State Summit. 
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What will solar-plus-storage do to wholesale power prices?

A new report from SEPA and Black & Veatch looks at what could happen to wholesale electric prices in California as the state considers a target of 50 percent renewables by 2030. 
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Building the buzz for SPI

What will the hot sessions be at Solar Power International Sept. 14-17 in Anaheim? Check out the workshop schedule — it's packed! — and start planning now.
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Corporate and environmental front groups emerge influential in Southeast solar battles


Solar power still needs to get much cheaper. Are perovskites the answer?


Tesla gigafactory construction ahead of schedule

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Report: Georgia number 1 for clean energy jobs

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Half of Europe's electricity set to be from renewables by 2030

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Winds of change as Ethiopia harnesses green power


Audio: A top utility engineer talks DER integration

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Old is the New Green–Video House Tour

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Matt: [at front of old Victorian house] Hi, I'm Matt Grocoff, the green renovation expert for Old House Web and host of and this is my house.  So when my wife Kelly and I first bought this 110 year old folk Victorian house, it was a dream come true: it had lead paint, asbestos siding, zero insulation and even an old gas powered lawn mower out in the shed.  What more can anybody ask for.
Matt: [in living room] So on move in day we brought two things with us:  a crowbar to rip up all the old carpet and a box of compact fluorescent light bulbs.  We replaced every light socket in this house with compact fluorescents and then we added motion sensors to every light switch in the house.  We leave a room, if we forget to turn it off, it turns it off for us.
Matt: [in bathroom] So at the start of our renovation project, this was the only bathroom in the house.  It was fantastic.  It had pink Formica tiles, an old flush toilet that flushed 5 gallons every time.  This is a Caroma Dual Flush Toilet which only uses .8 gallons every flush and unlike our old toilet never clogs.  But not only have we made it look great, but we've made it way more energy efficient.
This is a 1-minute a gallon showerhead.  This is going to use a gallon and a half a minute less than an ordinary showerhead.  This will literally save thousands of gallons over its lifetime.
Matt: [backyard drilling for geothermal] I can't tell you how many times I've heard people say "I thought you couldn't put geothermal into a historic house."  Well this house proves that wrong.  We were able to put three 150-foot bore holes vertically into the back yard on a very small piece of property.  Not only do we have a heating and cooling system that uses half the energy of our neighbors, we have a house that's a whole lot more comfortable. 
Matt: [in living room] We're out to prove that old houses can be the Greenest houses. In fact, with all the renovations we've done so far, we've made this house ultra efficient and we've got a ways to go.  We're going to take this house all the way to Net Zero.  Meaning it's going to produce more energy than it uses.
Matt: [at the computer] So you eco geeks, get ready to get geeked out because this is our WattVision Google Power Meter.  And this will tell us how much energy we're consuming at any given moment.  If everyone knew how much energy they were using, they would probably use a lot less.  [I'm coming to get you, I got you, I got you] Before we get the solar panels up on the roof, you can see we've got a lot of work to do.
Matt: [pointing to house exterior] We've got to paint the house, restore these old windows, then top it off with some really energy efficient storm windows.  My daughter Jane will probably still be alive when this house turns 200 years old.  So restoring America's old homes is not just about preserving history, it's about protecting our future.   So for Old House Web, this is Matt Grocoff reminding you that, "The Green Revolution Begins at Home"

Thank You for stopping by-Share and Comment below. If additional information in needed or you have a question let me know. Together we can make a difference and create a future that will benefit everyone. Build a Green StLouis Green Building Tips and Resources via: Scotty- St Louis Renewable Energy Green Blog

Can Plastics Be Sustainable?

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 According to New Light Technologies yes it can!  From Greenhouse Gas to Plastic the new technology years in the making.

From the Article: 
the trick developed by Newlight Technologies lies in their biocatalyst: in the past, each kilogram of biocatalyst added to the mixture would be able to produce one kilogram of polymer before it expired...
"It is our belief that climate change is not going to be solved by subsidies or taxes. We think that the only way we are going to solve climate change, in the time and at the scale that is required, is through market-driven solutions," explained Herrema to Smithsonian Magazine. After their initial success, Newlight Technologies is focusing on expanding their operations, setting up production plants in states such as North Dakota and Texas, where practices such as fracking in rural areas creates an excess of methane that can literally be seen from space.

Newlight Technologies' next milestone of production is 50 million pounds (22.7 million kilograms) of plastic per year, but that's just the start. Herrema compares their technology to another breakthrough in plastic technology, Union Carbide's UNIPOL technology, saying that Newlight Technologies aims to achieve a similar scale to Union Carbide's peak of 60 billion pounds (27.2 billion kilograms) per year.
With ambitions like that, it may not be long before architects can talk about using plastic as a sustainable option, a material that sequesters carbon in much the same way as we talk of timber today.

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