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Scotty, writes: Sustainable Buildings are the future of the Construction Industry and our future Energy needs will be met from true Clean Energy Sources as well as creating Net Zero Energy Efficient Buildings for a sustainable future. Design Build Contractor for the St Louis Region-Specializing in Energy Conservation Design Build Projects and Solar PV Clean Energy Systems

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Putting 2 and 2 together

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In a post on Empeopled the topic was 8 foot Lizards eating peoples Cats and disrupting the norm.   

To combat the lizard invasion patrols were increased with orders to shoot or capture- twenty were reported dispatched in July.

Putting 2 And 2 together I speculate:

The rising ocean sea level will drive both mankind and animals to dry ground which will cause a migration up into Northern Florida, Panhandle (my birthplace), and what's left of the gulf region.

The only thing hindering this Reptile invasion are the cool temps.  But since the Earth has warmed enough to raise the Ocean levels; also means that the Southern States of the U.S. have also warmed enough to make a Reptiles new home habitable.  

Once the reptiles have reached the Florida Panhandle region there is nothing stopping the migration into the neighboring states and westward- as far away as California.  

To think that humans could keep an animal from crossing an imaginary boundary when we can't even keep Illegals on their side will be the jokes of many Late Night Comedians

So its into Mexico and down into South America- the reptile migration will continue.  Only this time in reverse- oh the irony!

The effects of Climate Change will effect us all- If a Monitor Lizzard will eat a Cat- it could eat a child from someone's yard or playground.

Lizard King song: This is the End

Midwest Solar News - via REWorld

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With so much solar activity taking place on both sides of our nation, what’s happening in the heartland is going almost unnoticed. But it shouldn’t. Solar is beginning to grow like a prairie fire across the Midwest.

In a wide area stretching from Missouri to Ohio, the heavily-traveled Interstate 70 corridor, solar is beginning to catch on in a big way.  Missouri, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio now have a combined total of nearly 400 MW of installed solar capacity — enough to power about 80,000 homes. But here’s the real eye-opening statistic: solar in these states is expected to grow by nearly 50 percent this year, with roughly 180 MW of new projects coming online.    

Let’s look at Missouri as a case study. Showing strong growth over the previous year, Missouri nearly tripled its amount of installed solar capacity in 2014, according to the recently-released U.S. Solar Market Insight 2014 Year in Review. What’s more, Missouri also had more than half, 55 percent, of its new electrical capacity last year come from solar energy.

In 2014, Missouri added 73 megawatts (MW) of solar electric capacity, bringing its total to 111 MW. That’s enough clean, affordable energy to power more than 12,000 homes. The report went on to point out that Missouri’s biggest solar gains came in commercial installations, but residential and utility-scale installations increased, too. Of the new capacity added, 37 MW were commercial, 20 MW were residential and 16 MW were utility scale. Together, these installations represented a $187 million investment across Missouri — a 63 percent increase over the previous year.

Today, Missouri also ranks #2 in the nation in the number of professional sports facilities with installed solar systems.  Among Major League Baseball teams, both the Royals and Cardinals have gone solar, while the Rams and Chiefs are among NFL teams to do so.

To put the state’s solar growth in some context, the 111 MW of solar PV installed today in Missouri is nearly as much as the entire country had installed by 2004. And frankly, the state is just scratching the surface of its enormous potential.

The same, of course, can be said for Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Today, there are more than 500 solar companies at work throughout the 4-state area, employing nearly 10,000 people, and bringing $339 million worth of new projects online last year. 

This steady growth across the heartland of America has helped the U.S. solar industry to grow to 174,000 workers nationwide — more than tech giants Apple, Google, Facebook and Twitter combined — while pumping nearly $18 billion a year into our economy. This remarkable growth is due, in no small part, to smart and effective public policies, such as the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS). By any measurement, these policies are paying huge dividends for both our economy and environment. Author Rhone Resch Renewable Energy World see article here

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