Solar Lease Systems Home or Business

Solar Lease Systems Home or Business

Solar Lease Systems Home or Business
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Here is my first reply from the company using a friends house while I'm working we are determining what will work best on my warehouse/office building.


Here is what it looks like for XXXXXX. The back of her roof can hold 27 panels. A 245 panels gives her a 6.615 kW system size. We could throw a few on the garage but that would require another inverter and might not make financial sense.

On the 27 panels we have two lease options:

No Money down with annual payment of $662 with savings of $744 a year. Purchase in 6 years for $2,000.00

Pre-Paid lease. Pay $1,654 when installed in 90 days. No annual payments for 5 years. Purchase in 6 years for $700.00.

Either way it works great for her, but the pre-paid is a better deal. Again, she doesn’t have to have that money until it is built and ready to be turned on. That’s 90-120 days down the road.

Let talk about it tomorrow morning when you can."

Scotty Adds: In a nutshell: this will cut her electric payments to Ameren UE in half.

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