From: EcoWatch Top News of the Day

From: EcoWatch Top News of the Day

Interesting news about the Unified front to continue the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change:  Coal, Fracking, XL Pipeline, Climate Change, President Obama, Clean Water, Monsanto Genetically modified Seeds, US Farmers,


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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Top News of the Day


Protests Ignite Nationwide Targeting TransCanada's Keystone XL

Tar Sands Blockade

We stand together as representatives of a desperate generation who have been forced into this position by the reckless and immoral behavior of fossil fuel corporations such as Transcanada. Our political leaders have failed...

Yamuna Waterkeeper Works with Citizen Scientists to Protect Local Waterways

Yamuna Waterkeeper 

Water, Water Everywhere, Not a Drop to Drink! How truly these lines depict the present scenario in India...

Family Farmers Continue Fight in Landmark Lawsuit Against Monsanto

Food Democracy Now!

"We don't want their seed. We don't want their gene-spliced technology. We don't want their trespass onto our farms. We don't want their contamination of...

Nearly 70 Groups Write Letter Imploring Obama to Rise Up and Be Strong Climate Leader

Natural Resources Defense Council

Climate leadership in this time of crisis means not only moving ahead with clean energy, but also tackling the dirty. As the letter points out...

Meet Chip NorthrupAn Articulate and Energetic Opponent of Fracking

Ellen Cantarow

The only thing driving this is politics at this point. Much more so than any need to prospect for gas. Cuomo is being pushed into permitting shale gas wells when such...

80+ Groups Challenge Gov. Cuomo to Lead on Climate Change and Protect His State from Fracking


"While we welcome your determination to lead on climate change, we are greatly concerned by indications that...
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