Repairing the Brick Hole from Tree Damage

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Repairing the Brick Hole from Tree Damage

The tree roots having been long removed from the brick wall.  The Crew and I moved onto laying the bricks in the hole in the wall.  We laid 2 courses of bricks in the hole.  I estimated that there was between 550-650 bricks used to fill this spot and 10 bags of Pro Mix Mortar from Raineri Building Materials.

Setting up the Scaffolding for Brick Repair
Setting up the Scaffolding for Brick Repair-StLouis Brick Home

Scotts Contracting-Applying a stucco finish after the brick wall repair
Applying a stucco finish after the brick wall repair

Thursday-With just a few more spots to finish the stucco finish and a clean up- we've almost got this project under wraps.  In the next post I will share a little History of the Building.  {Hint} Its quite interesting and goes back to the Horse-Buggy Days and Firemen.

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